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“Super ABAPer” achievement unlocked.

Thank you Aziz for this picture. Aziz was my intern and at the end of his time here at the company, he has surprised me with this gift. I always liked the title “code ninja” but that’s not fitting for this picture. I think i’ll call this picture “Super ABAPer” and hence, “Super ABAPer” achievement unlocked.

Picture my intern made me after his internship was over. Thank you Aziz.

LinkedIn sign in.

You can now sign in and leave a comment via LinkedIn. I didnt have it set up properly before, but now it should be up and working.

First steps.

I have been meaning to start my site where I could share some code and post some reference material for myself and others to use, and here it is. Whenever I have something to share, i’ll create a page for it and under what category it lies under. For now, I finally posted one thing under the SAP category and i’ll be adding more soon later.