Find BW InfoCube from Web Report bookmark

Background: I had to find a way to go and find the InfoCube that provided a BEx Web Report with data by only having its bookmark available.

Technical Solution: Here are the technical tables and relationships used in order to find the InfoCube name. Copy and paste friendly names of the tables used: RSZWBOOKMARK , RSZWOBJXREF, RSZWVIEW.

Table Relationship( Displayed are table technical names and relevant fields)

Initially before I knew the technical names of the tables, I needed to do some detective work. I needed to find a way to go from a Web Report and find the InfoCube.  In case this helps anyone out, here is what I did.

BW Application solution:

1) BEx Web Report:

Open any old BEx Web Report and get its template ID. From the BEx Web Report URL, the template ID is in the URL.


Single out the TEMPLATE_ID within the URL and look at what is after the URL encoded “=”/%3d. So what you should be looking at is “TEMPLATE_ID%3dZ_MARKSZCZ”

2) BEx Web Application Designer:

Now having the TEMPLATE_ID of Z_MARKSZCZ, open up up the Web Application Designer and open up the TEMPLATE_ID.  

Looking at the properties of the template, take a look at the Data Provider.

Since the naming convention shows me that it’s a View, open up Analyzer. 

3) BEx Analyzer:

Within the Analyzer plugin in Excel, open up a Saved View (ZV_MARKSZCZ).

 Click on the Business Explorer: Tools icon and selected Launch in Web Browser/Query (default view).

This will now opened up a new browser window. The URL in this case came up as: http://***.com:8070/sap/bw/bex?sap-language=EN&CMD=LDOC&infocube=CUBE_FOO&query=ZQ_BAR

Looking at the URL, single out  infocube and what is after the equals sign is your cube. In this case you should see infocube to be CUBE_FOO

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