get BSP URL parameters – page redirector

Background: I had to write these BSP’s a few times. Once was for a plain vanilla redirector  that got its values pushed from another application and a different time  is when I needed to create a RESTful web service.

What: BSP application ZBSP_REDIR (SAPlink nugget)

How to use:

Under the Event Handler tab within your BSP. Select the “OnRequest” method.


“For this example, we will be pushing in appname
”  then we will use our make believe business logic
”  and generate a redirection URL based off the
”  appname.

”     Name value pair’s

“Get the URL variables and save them into the table.
runtime->server->request->GET_FORM_FIELDS( CHANGING FIELDS = lt_HTTPNVP ).

“Get the variable from the table

“Save to the Page Attribute which will hold the redirection URL
  WHEN ‘redirect_example’.
     redirection_url = ‘’.
    redirection_url = ‘’.


The URL I used to test the was http://***/sap/bc/bsp/sap/zbsp_redir/index.htm?appname=redirect_example

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