Unlock user in SAP


Table: USR02

Field: UFLAG

Value: 0

Wrong password, wrong password, wrong passwrod… Locked! So it happens from time to time where you either get locked out or someone on your team gets locked out of development because they forgot their password. Not to worry, its a pretty easy procedure in order to unlock someone.

1) Go to SE16 and type in table name USR02.

2) View the table content and the username goes in theBNAMEfield.

3) Hit search, select the row and select Changeunder the Table Entrymenu.

4) Change Field UFLAG to “0” and hit Save.

So what are those values in the UFLAG field if its isnt 0? Well accourding to a link I found from SAP’s site:

0 – User not locked

32 – Locked by CUA central administrator

64 – Locked by administrator

128 – Locked after failed logon

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